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Local record searching in counties, libraries, churches and other sources in Michigan. Complete ancestry research, reports and charts. Brick wall breaking a specialty.
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DAR Box 5 Washtenaw
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DAR Box 5, Washtenaw County, MI 

The University of Michigan Bentley Library in Ann Arbor, Michigan has an extensive file of DAR records. If you click on the following links you will find pictures of the Bentley's index book which shows the various contents of the entire collection.  One set, Box 5 of the Sarah Caswell Angell Chapter (Ann Arbor, Mich) has records for several cemeteries, many of which are listed. 
Please note that all pictures on this page were taken at the Bentley Library on 7-29-08

Documents/pg 1, DAR Box 5, Bentley Library.JPG
Documents/pg 2, DAR Box 5, Bentley Library.JPG
Documents/pg 3, DAR Box 5, Bentley Library.JPG

The contents of Box 5 as shown on pages 2 & 3 above are as follows;
Reports of activities at the DAR national congresses, 1898-1939 (scattered dates)
Reports to the State Regent of the DAR, 1896-1971 (Scattered dates)
Revolutionary War soldiers, graves of in Washtenaw County and related roster of officers (1896/97--2000/01  2007 - 2008 update
Sarah Caswell Angell loan fund
Spanish-American War activities
State directories
Vereran-Patient award, 1992-1994
World War I activities, including letters from men in service

Genealogical Records:
Cemetery Records;
Base Line Cemetery, Unadilla
Bethlehem Cemetery, Scio Twp.
Dixboro Cemetery, Superior Twp.
Four Mile Lake Cemetery
Hudson Cemetery
Lapham Cemetery
Leland Cemetery, Northfield Twp.
Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Sylvan Twp.
Oak Grove Cemetery, Chelsea, Michigan
Oak Grove Cemetery, Manchester, Michigan
Pray Cemetery, Superior Twp.
Reynold's Corners Cemetery
Sylvan Cemetery
Town Hall Cemetery
Vermont Cemetery,

 There are also 6 folders containing more cemetery information.
(NOTE: These folders contain additional information on some of the cemeteries listed above.)
Folder 1 contains records for: 
Richards Cemetery, Sylvan Twp.;
St. John's Evangelical Church, Northfield Twp, Sec 27
Forrest Hill Cemetery, Ann Arbor;  (Deaths prior to 1870 & reinternent in Forest Hills after 1870.)
Folder 2:
Canfield, Collins and Unadilla in Lyndon Twp.;
Clements in Lima Twp.;
Dixboro, Pray and Cross in Superior Twp.;
Four MIle Lake, Hudson and Town Hall in Dexter Twp.;
Lapham and Worden in Salem Twp.;
Leland in Northfield Twp.
Mt. Calvary, Vermont and Richards in Sylvan Twp.; 
Phelps, Scio and Forest Lawn in Scio Twp.;
Geddes & Botsford in Ann Arbor Twp.;
Fairview in Ann Arbor, City.
Folder 3:
Salem Lutheran Church in Scio Twp.
Dexter Twp.Cemetery
Geddes Botsford Cemetery  (2 1/2 miles east of City of Ann Arbor, in Ann Arbor Twp.
St. Patricks Cemetery in Northfield Twp.
Canfield Cemetery in Lyndon Twp., near Chelsea
Cooper and Clements Cemeteries in Lima Twp
Collins Cemetery in Lyndon Twp.
Phelps Cemetery on Baker Road in Scio Twp.
Clements Cemetery in Lima Twp
Folder 4:
Three small ceneteries on Waters Road, Lodi and Freedom Twps.
1.  Private Burial place, 1 3/4 miles west of Saline Road, on North side of Waters Road. 
     Names are:  Loring Brigham, Clarisa Persels Brigham, Jacob Geddes, John Geddes, Jothem Geddes, Prudence - - - of John Geddes, John Persels, David Smalley, Ella Cullineire (wife of James H. Smalley), Ella E. ?? of A. E. Smalley Henry Smalley, James H. Smalley, Phebe - wife of Henry Smalley, John G. Vreeland.
2.  Lodi Twp, Abt 4 miles west of Saline Rd on the north side of Waters Rd, at the south edge of section 4
Names are: Harvey Rosier, Silas H., son of H. & L. Rosier, Conrad Schwab.
3.  South side of Waters Rd.. 9 1/4 miles west of Saline Rd, Freedom Twp.
Names are:  Helen P. Crane, (wife of A. H. Crane),  Kendal - Caroline, Chloe (his wife),  Nathan and Nathan;  Mary  Whiting (wife of James Litchfield),  Jacob Preston,  Lucuia E. (wife of Jacob Preston), Lucy Witter (wife of Jacob Preston, daughter of Benj. T. Killam),  Mehetable (wife of Boswell Preston),  Roswell (or Boswell) ? Preston,  Franklin Rogers, Franklin Rogers (son of L & O Rogers),  Sarah L. Rogers (daughter of L & O Rogers),  Silas Rogers,  Olive Boyden Rogers (wife of Levi Rogers),  Louisa L. Scott (wife of Jesse Scott, daughter of Nathan & Sally Adams),  Joseph Sternberg,  Samuel S. Woods.
Williams Burying Ground,  (Farm owned by Ralph Williams in 1926, so of John Williams) in Webster Twp.
Names are; Spencer Williams (son of John & Ludia Williams),  Maria E. (wife of Spencer Williams,  Malvina A. & Majestic Williams (daus of Spencer & Maria),  Jermiah & Edwin Williams (sons of Wpencer & Maria).
Williams Cemetery, on farm West of Congregational Church, owned by Mr. Kaiser in 1926.
Names are:  John Williams,  Lydia Hughlitt (wife of John),  Jane Williams Butler, (mother of John Williams)
Folder 5:
Forest Hill Cemetery (Ann Arbor);  Free Church Cemetery (NE cor of Sec 14, Superior Twp);  Hudson Cemetery (Pinckney Rd near Hudson Mills);  Lapham Cemetery (Salem Twp);  Leland Cemetery (Northfield Twp);  North Lake Cemetery (sec 19, Dexter Twp);  Mathews Family Cemetery (sec 36, Northfield Twp);  Pierce Cemetery (Manchester Rd in Sylvan Twp);  Phelps Burying Ground (Dexter Rd. in Scio Twp);  Popkins Cemetery,  Scadin Cemetery ( Congregational Church);  Scio Cemetery (Huron River Dr., bet Dexter & Delhi);  Stephen Scully Farm (Cooley Family) Cemetery, 1926;  Thomas & Lowe Cemetery (NW cor of sec 14, Webster Twp.)
Family Record - Curtis Warner & Eunice Hill.  Children: Charles, Henry, Deborah, Lauria, Hull, Sally, William, George, Frederick.
Folder 6:
Scio Cemetery on Huron River Dr.  Between Dexter & Delhi about 1 mile west of Loch Alpine
Folder: Index to obituaries of people 90 & over in Ann Arbor News and Detroit News, 1987-1990
Folder - Birth & marriages:    This folder contains a good number of births and marriages.
Marriages:  1830+- to 1860+-
Births - 1830+- to 1875+-
Family Records, folder #1:
Dewey,  English,  (Phelps) Everett,  Kingsley,  Keal,  Herpin,  Hicks,  Ide,  Gridley.
Family Records, folder #2:
Miesse,  Neergaard,  Peters,  Phelps,  Rockwell,  Sargent,  Pangborn,  Taylor,  Morrison,  Ingalls,  Van Deusen Bortle,  Hadley Summers,  Mills (Annabil),  Beebee,  Lockwood Cook,  Dunlap Parks,  Root Moseley,  Root Hunt,  Somers (Summers),  Sortor,  Stout,  Stratton,  Carpenter,  Chamberlain,  Chapin,  Conover,  (Cushman) Boyd,  Bowler,  Copeland,  Cornwell,  Buck,  Baker,  Burnett, Cooley, Boyden,  Bond,  Bissel,  Blodgett,  Biggs.
Family Records, folder #3:
Willcox,  Watts,  Watkinss,  Taylor,  Yerkes,  Hull, Warner,  Wyman, Smith,  Warden. Auburn, Kellogg, Abel, Leonard,  Towne, Hiscock.