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Local record searching in counties, libraries, churches and other sources in Michigan. Complete ancestry research, reports and charts. Brick wall breaking a specialty.
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                                      GERMAN LINKS

Please email GenealogyGenius.comwith your favorite German links so that we can include them on this page.

 2-5-09   Finding Immigrants home town in Germany
11-19-08 English-German Glossary, family relationships
11-5-08   Old German Gothic handwriting

Passenger lists:
11-10-08 Pass list, Barque Russia, Hamburg to New York  BarqueRussia1846
11-10-08 Pass lists, Antwerp, Belgium to Galveston, TX 1846 Bark Dyle, 1846
11-10-08 Pass lists, Heerjeebhoy Rushtomhee Patel, Bremen to Port Adelaide, SA, 1845 & 1846.   Family/Ships/patel/1845/1846
11-10-08 Pass list, Skjold, Altona to Port Adelaide, 1841 Ships/skjold1841
11-10-08 Pass lists, German departures, 1840's    immigrantships/bremen/1840
11-10-08 Pass list, Catharina, Hamburg to Port Adelaide, SA 1839 passlists/1839Catherina
11-10-08 Pass. list, Johannes, Bremen to Baltimore, 1 DEc 1835 immigrantships.johannes1835
11-10-08 Passenger list, Brunswick, Bremen to Baltimore 1833 immigrantships./brunswick
11-10-08 Passenger lists, German Departures 1830's     immigrantships/bremen/1830 
11-10-08 Passenger list, Constitution, Bremen to NY, 1828   immigrantships/constitution1828
11-10-08  Passenger lists, German Departures, 1820's  http://immigrantships/bremen/1820 

11-10-08  Passenger list Bremen to Baltimore 1820

Germany Maps:

11-05-08  Germany in the 1871 borders.

5-31-07  Germany & Italy, map 1803

5-31-07  Central & Western Europe, map 1815 German Confederation in red

5-31-07  German Empire, map 1871

5-31-07  Germany 1920 Map

5-31-07  Germany, map 1945

5-30-07  Germany map  1815

5-30-07  Wuerttemberg Map 1809