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Local record searching in counties, libraries, churches and other sources in Michigan. Complete ancestry research, reports and charts. Brick wall breaking a specialty.
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The following is an email from one of our happy clients, Roger Holt.  We researched both his father and mother's ancestors and provided him with a book for each side of his family, along with large 60" x 36" family tree charts showing all of the family members that we had found to that point.  Some of the materials included in the books were: census transcriptions, cemetery pictures, Military records, pictures of the three Detroit fire houses that his grandfather served in and copies of birth, wedding and death announcements from Minnesota newspapers published in the late 1800's. 


I taped the larger Hoffmeyer and Holt flow charts up separately. Then I laid out the books and gave my brothers and sisters a copy of the CD. People started adding their names to the bottom of the list and were interested to read the books. One time or another, most everyone is assigned the job to do a family tree during school. Yours was so much more detailed, it made them realize how much more there was to research.

Al, don’t cut yourself short. Tell me what I owe and I will pay it. Also, the Hoffmeyer’s have always wanted to know their German heritage. My elderly aunt loved reading about the Hoffmeyers.

I am glad to pay you to continue the search on both the Hoffmeyer side and Holt side. Tell me how much I owe so far and I will add more to it if you still feel like working. I don’t want to burn you out, but I am interested in both sides of the family.