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Local record searching in counties, libraries, churches and other sources in Michigan. Complete ancestry research, reports and charts. Brick wall breaking a specialty.
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5-4-12   SSDI search by birthdate
4-19-12   Michigan Death Records, Digital  1897-1920

3-14-12   Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps.   
Cincinnati, Ohio  Cincinnati Library 
Florida,  Sanborn Maps
Georgia,  Sanborn Maps
Missouri,  Univ. of Missouri Sanborn Maps

2-12-12  DAR Genealogical Research System records online.  This link does not provide all of the DAR records but it contains a lot of data.  I have finally found several of my wife's Darnell ancestors, whom family lore said fought in the Revolutionary War.  Now we have some proof.

10-25-11:   Google has changed the method of making sure that a word or phrase is included in your search.  You used to be able to add the + (plus) operator, but now you have to put the word or words in quotation marks.  Thanks to Dick Eastman for this tip.

9-7-11    UK Census Maps from 1871 now online. Find any location in England and Wales.  Search by place name or postcode.

12-14-09:    North Carolina Archives;   papers dating from 1752-1890s from cities like Edenton (1787-1801), Fayetteville (1798-1795), Hillsboro (1786), New Bern (1751-1804), Salisbury (1799-1898), and Wilmington (1765-1816) - a total of 23,483 digital images that are keyword searchable.

10-23-09  Digital Library on American Slavery offers data on race and slavery extracted from eighteenth and nineteenth-century documents and processed over a period of eighteen years. The Digital Library contains detailed information on about 150,000 individuals, including slaves, free people of color, and whites. These data have been painstakingly extracted from 2,975 legislative petitions and 14,512 county court petitions, and from a wide range of related documents, including wills, inventories, deeds, bills of sale, depositions, court proceedings, amended petitions, among others. Buried in these documents are the names and other data on roughly 80,000 individual slaves, 8,000 free people of color, and 62,000 whites, both slave owners and non-slave owners.

6-7-09   An interesting sounding web site for Irish Family Research.  It has data going back to the 1500's. with free, and paid databases.  We have not subscribed to this site and cannot not vouch for it's value, but it looks promising.  Please let us know if this site is worthwhile.
5-2-09   Certified vital record certificates from the UK.    We have not used this service and cannot vouch for their relialbility and only provide this link for it's potential value to you.  
4-22-09    World Digital Library.   Great new site from the Library of Congress.  A collection of free online collections of documents, photos, maps & art from around the world.  A little hard to figure out, but can be very rewarding.
4-16-09  Washington state:  The World War I Service Statement Cards, 1917-1919 (Department of Veterans Affairs), recently indexed by Washington Historical Records Project volunteers, are now available and searchable online at the Digital Archives. Information contained in the records includes full name, serial number, race, place inducted, place of birth, unit assignments, ranks attained, engagements fought in, wounds received, dates served overseas, date of demobilization, and degree of disability (if any).